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Welcome to the Private Section of Big Finish Games.
This is your portal to Tex Murphy: Project Fedora.


  Project Fedora


Mutant League Members have special access to our Private Blog and Download Sections.

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Mutant League Blog


This is where you go to get all the inside information about the upcoming Tex Murphy Game: Project Fedora.

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As a member of the Mutant League, you have certain incentives coming your way. And this is where you will get them!

This site is open and most incentives are
already available, like:

Escape From Thunder Island
Race To Shangri La
The Pandora Directive Audio Book

Mutant League Download


Membership to the Mutant League is Closed. We want to thank all the terrific members that are backing this project on KickStarter and here on our website. Production is complete, and we say goodbye to (codename) Project Fedora, and welcome: TESLA EFFECT